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Shadow Fight 3: Ultimate Guide & Tips for Playing the Game

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Knowing the secrets and best techniques for playing role-playing games is certainly a must. As a player, losing is not always a part of your priority when entering a match. The same principle goes when playing Shadow Fight 3. Although you get the chance to build and hone your warrior with its special abilities, there are untold and unknown methods for you to complete your mission.

Shadow Fight 3 combo hits match

Mostly, these ways come in the form of guides or tips and tricks. You’ll usually see a lot of this part when it’s your first time playing the game. This segment will also appear when you try to click on the help button on the menu of the Shadow Fight 3. But here, we’re going to give you some detailed tips on how to defeat your enemies and become successful in your challenge. So, if you’ve downloaded the game and are ready to be the best warrior in the battle, Look down at this post now.

Learn the Combo Movements

The topmost secret in winning in the battle is knowing the massive combo hits of the game. There are various tricks that you can try to come up with a powerful movement against your opponent. Actions such as clicking on the hand and kick button will enable you to perform a strong move.


Or, if you think your warrior is ready, you can start dashing at any position and perform your shadow ability. Knowing the combos will surely give you the ability to beat your opponent at one shot. Still, make sure that you look through their moves to know what will be your next action.

Upgrade your Weapons & Armor in Shadow Fight 3

When you have enough resources, ensure to power up your weapons and armor. This action will help you to become more resilient and firm with your battle. Upgrading your weapons and armor also helps you to add up attack speed and maximize your skill. As a result, you’ll be able to win over your opponent without having a hard time.


Shadow Fight 3 shadow energy activated


Save Your Shadow Energy Best

Like everyone says, “Save the Best for Last,” but for Shadow Fight 3, it’s Save your Shadow Energy. The main highlight of the game is unleashing your shadow abilities. Thus, some players take this skill for granted and use it unlimitedly. Also, shadow forms enable you to use special and unique abilities that can only last for about seconds. With this, you can throw down your enemies at just one hit. There are special combos that you can also perform while your shadow energy is at its full bar.

Thus, always remember to stand back from your opponent while doing the trick. This action is for you to prevent them from blocking the shadow move. What? Can your enemies block your move? Well, yes, they can. So, better be careful for you to carry out all the actions effectively. Well, that’s all the tips that we can give for now.

Take note that these are only guidelines for you to be successful in the match. The overall techniques and measurement will still depend on you. But, now that you’ve got some idea, we hope that you’ll be able to compete and win against your enemies in the battle. Keep your shadow energy in the end and ensure to unleash it when needed! Play and Download Shadow Fight 3 on your PC now.