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Shadow Fight 3: Is the Game Better than Shadow Fight 2?

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Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3 both conquered the online community by its amazing gameplay and storyline. The two matches successfully peaked and garnered millions of downloads since it came out. Like any other game, there were a lot of positive and negative reviews Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3. Well, you can’t expect everyone to like it.

Shadow Fight 3 Weapon Technique

Mostly, players who know the turnaround of each game would much likely say something about how everything works. And since Nekki created a trilogy of the game Shadow Fight, one cannot simply control the comparison of these games. Yet, let’s take the first Shadow Fight game out of the light because it was shut down a few years ago.

So, you might have read a lot of articles and posts about Shadow Fight 2 being the best against Shadow Fight 3. But how could that happen? Shouldn’t Shadow Fight 3 be the best game of all time since it’s the latest version of the trilogy game? Let’s get to know it here more.

Shadow Fight 2 versus Shadow Fight 3: Game Comparison

We all know that Shadow Fight 2 (SF2) and Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) have an astounding play-off that’s why a lot of players became addicted to the game itself. Thus, there are some grounds wherein people claimed that Shadow Fight 2 is better than Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay match

Apart from all the offset feedback, players profess that Shadow Fight 2 is the best and enjoyable of all the trilogy games. The reason behind this act is because Shadow Fight 3 focuses more on paying than winning. The game is centered with a pay-to-win strategy which is not a good thing for everyone. Although the game is free to download, you need to purchase some items to progress in the game.

Why Shadow 2 is Better than Shadow Fight 3

Many people also confessed about why SF2 is better than the newest version. In SF2, the storyline is pretty smooth, and you’ll be able to go on through each level with all your skills and abilities. In the match, you’ll encounter bodyguards and then go through the big boss. You can say that it’s certainly a progressive game where you will have to overcome the struggle before achieving your goal.

Shadow Fight Version two

On the other hand, SF3 still does this action. However, most people noticed that the game focused more on capturing the graphics and animation of the game. Few people rated the game story as poor, and few are neutral about it. Besides, the pay-to-win strategy of the game generally divides the feedback of the people. Some were okay about it, but mostly everyone is not.

Thus, several players also voiced out that there is something with SF3 that SF2 lacks. And as you know it, it’s all about the game graphics. Still, both games catered a lot of downloads online which you can still see as of today.

Shadow Fight 3 Summary

In general, Shadow Fight 2 wins the heart of many by its simple graphics and animation with a rich context of the story. From there, you’ll be able to distinguish that people are not only looking for the game graphics itself but also with how everything works. That’s from the plot, to the techniques and the customization of the match.

Shadow Fight 3 Critical Hit

Overall, if you’re going to look through the game’s gameplay, Shadow Fight 2 will win the battle. It’s a progressive game wherein you don’t need anything to pay or look for something to win the game. Download it here on your PC now and play it for free!