How to Play Shadow Fight 3: The Stirring Game Features Online

Shadow Fight 3 is an exciting role-playing action game online. The game enables players to bring out their best warrior and hero skills using the Shadow Form in winning over their opponents. Although the game seems free online for mobile, downloading it on PC might be a different story. Finding a platform that will help you to access Shadow Fight 3 fully is quite a challenge. Most options for this act require you to make necessary moves like paying for the game. However, you’re lucky enough to land on this page because we’re allowing you to play Shadow Fight 3 for free. Do you want to know more about the steps? Look further below.



Downloading Shadow Fight 3 on PC

Before trying out the game, downloading it first is the initial step that you must do. And since you are here, you’re lucky enough to download the game on your PC. This site offers you to download a game launcher that lets you enjoy your favorite games without the hassle of needing a third party application. For instance, you cannot only choose to play Shadow Fight 3 but loads of games online.

  1. To start the process, you can click the “Play for Free” button that you can see on this site’s Homepage. You can also head to the Download page of this site and choose the best option that will work for your PC.
  2. Once downloaded, you’ll get a chance to open the installer on your computer.
  3. Click it, and it will take you to install the game launcher and Shadow Fight 3.
  4. Wait for several minutes until the process is complete.
  5. After everything is set, the game and the launcher will automatically launch on your screens.

Now, you’re ready to start and take on an amazing journey!

How to Play the Game on PC

After completing all the steps, going to an action-adventure match is the next thing you do. Identifying the techniques of playing the game is an essential step for you to succeed in the journey. In Shadow Fight 3, the use of combos is a must. There are different ways for you to accomplish your mission and win over your opponent. The controls are very simple that even a five-year-old kid can perform a combo while on the game.



The Game Controls

There are four main buttons that you see on the screen to control your warrior. The arrow keys circle on the left side of the screen, the hand button, the feet button, and the one that looks like a three shadow shuriken. Each of these controls gives you enough power to manage and perform combos with your opponent.

  • Arrow Keys – enables you to move around your enemy and attack them.
  • Hand Button – allows you to do hand movements (with or without a weapon) against your opponent.
  • Feet Button – permits you to perform and do stunts using kicks with your rivals.
  • Shadow Ability – enables you to unleash your shadow form towards your opponent.

So, for example, moving towards your enemy using the ( ^ ) key and hitting the shadow ability button will uncover your Helmet Shadow Ability. Likewise, clicking the ( < ) key on your screen and hitting the shadow ability will give you the Ranged Shadow Weapon Ability. There are also basic controls in the game wherein you try to use the basic buttons for attacking. Performing combos and tricks like the ( > ) and double hand button will give you the ability to make a special weapon move. Or, simply clicking the feet button will give you the power to lay your opponent on the ground.



Playing on PC Has an Advantage

With Shadow Fight 3 getting played on PC, you’ll be able to maximize all your important moves without thinking twice. Still, it is better than trying it out on smaller screens. Additionally, since the game functions as an attack and defend the base system, you can authorize the use of hotkeys on your PC for easier access.

Sounds easy, right? So, if you think that all methods and techniques are amazing, download Shadow Fight 3 now! Build your warrior and turn down your enemies all at once.