All About Shadow Fight 3 Game on PC

From the creators of Nekki, the best fighting game is now available online. Shadow Fight 3 brings you into action and ultimate battle to show off your skills in the match. Build up your warrior and hero and unlock weapons and armors along the way. Use your shadow abilities to help you conquer the combat and win against your enemies.



Brief Game History

Released in November 2017, the game reached millions of downloads across the globe. Before it even arrived, the publishers have made two-game series entitled Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 2. The initial game was primarily made for Facebook Gaming. Thus, the creators announced on their Twitter account that the game would shut down its servers on September 29, 2017.

But, because of the players’ unexpected demand, Nekki stretched the shut down by one month to give the players in playing the game for one last time. After a few years, the developer released Shadow Fight 2, which brings a more dynamic and powerful plot for players to try. This time, the story revolves around a warrior pursuing to alter a curse that made him into a shadow after opening the gates of shadows by accident.


On the other hand, Shadow Fight 3 has its distinctive qualities, unlike the last games. The third version of the game is made with rich 3D life-like graphics. Nekki even released a cinematic trailer for the game for players to get a hint on the game. As of now, the game is still available on various game platforms online. On this page, you can also play the game version on PC for free.

So, if you’re more interested in knowing how Shadow Fight 3 works, then don’t hesitate to try it now and uncover the mystery of the shadows.

Playing Shadow Fight 3 on PC

So, why play the game on PC? Well, as you know, playing games on a PC gives you enough freedom to control and manipulate your strategies. With Shadow Fight 3 being an RPG-Action and Fighting game, downloading the game would be much easier and much better.

Besides, the game graphics are worth it more than anything else. If you’re a real player, you don’t want to waste such amazing animation in just a small screen. Go ahead and dive into a dark and thrilling journey in Shadow Fight 3. Remember to play it on the PC and share it with your friends all the way.