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You’ve seen Shadow Fight emerge as a browser game on Facebook. You experienced the glory of Shadow Fight 2 on mobile. Now, get ready to experience the peak of the series on PC. That’s right, get ready for Shadow Fight 3 for PC – no emulators, no browsers. Click the Shadow Fight 3 PC download for free here on and play it directly on your desktop, fully-optimized and ready to run.



When you hear “shadow fight”, you will most likely think of fights where one will combat non-existent opponents and gain self-inflicted wounds in the process. Thankfully, Shadow Fight 3 is nothing like that. Boasting fluid combat controls, hundreds of move sets for thousands of weapons, and a real-time multiplayer mode, Shadow Fight 3 PC is a game that fans of fighting games should play.

Why is it Called Shadow Fight?

Shadow Fight 1 and Shadow Fight 2 are lightweight games that feature dynamic combat flow but simple graphics. By simple, we mean that you will play as shadows fighting other shadows! While that may sound dull, this approach makes the game lightweight and not costly to produce, enabling the developers to pour resources into the development of the combat mechanics itself!

Thanks to the success of Shadow Fight 1 and 2, you can finally say goodbye to the shadow characters. Well, they still appear in-game, but now you can play as actual people with their own set of character models!

You Are What You Wield

In Shadow Fight 3 PC, your fighting style will depend solely on your gear. Hence, players tend to have their favorite weapons. Whether you want to assault your foes from afar or trample them with melee combos, there is a weapon available for you.

Do you want plain old bare hand martial arts? Then the knuckles got your back. How about medium-ranged melee combat? Then start looking for a chain sword. With 21 weapon types, different weapon classifications, and various weapon rarities, collecting gears has never been this fun.

Choose Different Class, Choose Different Weapons

The weapons in Shadow Fight 3 Online have different classes including the Herald, Dynasty, and Legion, all with their own flavor and mechanics. Check out their differences below:


The Legion is inspired by weapons from the Middle Ages. So, wielding these weapons will make you feel like a European knight taken straight out of a Crusader game. You can see this concept once you realize that Legion weapons are harder to stop from attacking. Mechanically speaking, this means that there is a short span of time where Legion wielders will not be affected by staggering while attacking. Hence, you should either dodge or block instead of countering.


The Dynasty weapons are inspired by weapons common from the Han Dynasty era in China. They are the fastest weapons in the game and are capable of doing powerful combos. If you love going fast and furious, they are the weapons for you.


Herald weapons are inspired by ninjutsu weapons. Expect to see militia weapons like scythes, naginatas, and katars. They rely on precision instead of speed and brute force. Hence, they are your best bet if you want to hit your foes on their weak spots instead of utilizing absurd combos and sheer strength. Mechanically, Herald weapons do not crit. But instead, have a charging bar that will let you auto crit once it is full. The best part here is they crit harder than a normal weapon, so a well-timed attack can easily turn the tables.

Surely, with this sheer amount of content, it is no wonder why millions of people are hooked  by Shadow Fight 3 gameplay.

Unique Mechanics

Moreover, the mechanics of Shadow Fight 3 PC is unique even when you compare it with other fighting games. Thanks to these mechanics, this role-playing game remains to be an interesting game. A game where building your character right and equipping the right gear are as important as your skills in fighting.

Plus, the stats, perks, and shadow skills oblige players to methodically plan their gears. This also means that even Rare gears can be more useful than Legendary gears, given the right combinations of equipment. For instance, some Rare gears will let you blink behind your foes, but you won’t find the same skill in a Legendary gear.

Monitor the Shadow Meter

During a fight, there is a Shadow Meter that will fill-up as you deal and take more damage. Since taking damage will fill up the meter faster, players have to watch out as they try to screw their foes! Thankfully, there are Shadow Meter perks that will let players manipulate their Shadow Meters. For example, some perks will let the player drain the meter of the opponent for each hit. That allows them to refresh their own Shadow Meter even if they are already in their Shadow Form.

Shadow Fight 3 PC may seem like an AAA game with top-notch quality, but it is actually free to download and play in PC. Go and get your Shadow Fight 3 download now!

Download & Play Shadow Fight 3 on PC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Shadow Fight 3 Screenshot
Shadow Fight 3 Screenshot

Shadow Fight 3 Play on PC – Full Version Fighting Game